DECEIT: Gameplay, Mechanics and Overview

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Deceit is a game developed by Automaton, a fairly young studio established in 2015. Despite being in it’s primary years, the company’s employees have a wealth of experience developing AAA and MMO titles.

In Deceit, each game has 6 players – all of which wake up in one of three maps; the asylum, the forest or the arctic. Two players will be notified that they’re “infected”. Their goal is to discretely drink blood that is scattered around the map to transform into a zombie-like creature to eliminate the . All other players wake up being notified that they’re “innocent”. Their aim is to discover who the infected are and survive three nights in their presence.

It’s important to mention..

No one knows who is playing what role apart from the two infected.

When the game starts you have a limited amount of time whilst the lights are still on to run and gather equipment. You can acquire anything from armour to an antidote and even a lethal injection (remember that one, it’s important). With the lights still on, players can shoot each other if they suspect they’re infected. Whilst a player is down, everyone can vote to eliminate them or allow them to revive (Note. Everyone must vote in order to eliminate them from the game).

When the lights go out the innocents will do their best to find fuses to turn the lights back on and move on to the next stage – all whilst the infected are hunting you down.

Now. You can imagine this game plays with your head. Trying to deduce who’s safe and who’s out to kill you. The game relies on democracy. If you believe someone is infected but another player doesn’t, you won’t be able to vote them out. So it takes some convincing to get people on your side.

What I disagree with is the lethal injection. With this item you can disregard all democratic decisions and eliminate someone on your own accord. The function of this item is fine, but it counteracts the games own model of a voting system. You’re able to just decide “I don’t like the way another player has been behaving” and immediately eliminate them – it just seems too finite.

Charlteon’s View

I am going to give this game a “Get Good”. Now by no means necessary does this mean Deceit is a bad game. I think the concept and overall atmosphere created is tremendous. However, it feels unfinished and requires some tweaks to improve overall player satisfaction.

Let me know what you think of the game. It’s free on Steam with the option to purchase a DLC for £3.99.

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