Genital Jousting: Yes, It’s Exactly That.

So, does this need an 18+ rating on it? I don’t know. Please joust responsibly peens.

Genital Jousting is a game developed and published by Freelives. The game as a whole is vibrant, cartoony, totally ridiculous and full of wiggly penises.

Let’s dive right in.

Genital Jousting follows the story of lone “John”, a penis who needs a date for his high school reunion. John could be described as a “soft boy” and it’s your mission to make him hard. You’ll follow simple objectives such as; tidying your house, arriving to work on time and brushing your teeth. (It’s your ass. You put a brush in your ass).

Genital Jousting - Story Mode 1

Don’t be turned off by these “simple tasks”. Your end goal is to find a date! As the game progresses you learn more about John’s dark past and discover what’s been holding him back for so long.

A judging narrator voice follows you throughout, making the experience a whole lot funnier. For a game full of penis penetration and quite literal toilet humour, the story is fantastic.

Story mode aside. Why not have a penis party? Genital Jousting supports online and local multiplayer. This includes lots of mini-games – Obstacle intercourse, double delight and weiner round up. I’ll let you figure out what those all entail.

Charlteon’s view

The only negative to this game is that story-mode is relatively short. You can power through to complete it in around 3 hours. Although, I don’t think people play this game for it’s compelling story. This game is entertaining and full of euphemisms around every corner. So, if you’re considering buying this game (available of Steam), buy it for it’s humour and unique game-play experience. This title 100% deserves a “Good Game”, for it’s hilarious penis play. – Plus don’t you want to help John achieve his wet-dreams?

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