Battle Royale: Friend or Foe to the Gaming World?

GG everyone!

I’ve felt the urge to write this post for some time, so let’s get right to it. Throughout this blog I’ll discuss what Battle Royale is and why I think it’s negatively affecting the gaming world.

Battle Royale?

For those of you who don’t know, ‘Battle Royale’ is a gaming genre based off a ‘last man standing’ methodology. A specific number of players will battle it out to be the last surviving member/team, essentially like how the Hunger Games works. This genre of gaming recently became hugely popular thanks to titles, Player Unknown Battle Grounds (PUBG) and Fornite, Battle Royale. Contrary to popular opinion, I feel this genre is relatively toxic to the gaming community. Explore below!

How is this genre negatively affecting the gaming world?

What makes this game so successful is its ability to provide you with a constant adrenaline rush. If you’re eliminated in a game, you can easily find another one to join within seconds.

Due to the popularity of this genre, a lot of games have come out speculating the premise of including a battle royale mode.  Jeff Kaplan, the Director of Overwatch mentioned he has noticed fans requesting this genre in an interview with Kotaku. There are also titles; Ghost Recon, Call of Duty and Paladins all making statements about the genre and whether or not they’ll incorporate it.

What’s concerning is that these trends come and go so quickly that game developers can’t often keep up. This results in consumers playing games that don’t offer any unique feature and are likely unfinished. Online stores like Steam, become saturated with these games and it’s objectively annoying to see that this is all that’s available.

As trends move more quickly, I assume we’re headed for a ‘early access disaster’. Developers will release unfinished games to keep with what’s popular, adding to the issue of a saturated market.

Charlteon’s View

This post is full of my opinion, so feel free to disagree. I play Fortnite Battle Royale myself, I just don’t want this incorporated in every game under the sun. Which seems to be what fans are demanding? I’m also not saying that developers shouldn’t create their own version of the game. But it’s frustrating seeing exact replicas. Be sure to be unique and add new features to stand out from the rest.

Right now, I’m going to give Battle Royale as a genre, “Get Good”. Purely because the amount of replicas and lack of innovation. Maybe this will change, who knows?



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