Overwatch: 5 Ways To Counter Brigitte Lindholm

The Overwatch community is in a state of frustration and multiple stuns. Brigitte Lindholm, is still the number one menace since her initial release earlier this year.
This is a blog post outlining 5 ways to counter Brigitte. To learn more about the hero, read a previous article about the Overwatch Tank Meta.

1. Everyone and Everything Can Be Hacked


Sombra is an incredibly undervalued and overlooked hero. Elusive and disarming, her abilities can be a game changer for any match. Admittedly, she’s best utilised in a match where your team has effective communication allowing you the opportunity to align ultimate abilities, but nonetheless her kit is incredible. 

The first tip is that   Sombra can completely disable Brigitte.  Don’t go crazy thinking you can take her out 1-v-1, Hack is easily interrupted and you only have 200HP. Use your Translocator to get a height advantage (if available) and hack from a distance. This should tempt any (good) team member to use the advantage and take her out. If you’re not a fan of Sombra, you can switch in and out with her throughout your game to pester the enemy Brigitte. It’s a lot more effective than you may think!

2. Search and Destroy

Soldier 76

What’s keeping Brigitte alive? Her shield. With her barrier, she can block incoming damage and Shield Bash enemies; stunning them for 1 second, every 6 seconds. Players can be too hasty to charge into battle when challenging a Brigitte! With a ranged hero, work on destroying her shield far enough away that she can’t extend her primary weapon to stun you.

Destroying her shield should always be a priority. Not only will she not be able to defend herself from incoming fire, but you will also have disabled her Shield Bash ability – this is when you strike.

3. Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines


Most Junkrats will fire aimlessly in the general direction they believe the enemy team is coming from. Your explosives can devastate enemies, easily taking out low-HP DPS heroes. Junkrat’s primary weapon, Frag Launcher, can easily take out Brigitte’s shield when accompanied by your Concussive Mines and Steel Trap. With your explosives you can easily take out Brigitte’s shield and Brigitte too! 

Your ultimate ability, Riptire. Is also able to take her out. Brigitte’s shield is so small that 90% of the time you can jump your Riptire overhead and tap explode. Remember to capitalise on the time she isn’t there to take out the rest of her team. 

Tip – If Brigitte has crept up on you from behind and you’re sure you’ll die. Drop your bear trap directly at your feet. When you’re eliminated she’ll be stuck with your explosives.

4. Let’s See You Get Past This


Mei has an incredible kit to disrupt enemy fights and control areas of the map.

When there’s an enemy Brigitte on the opposing team, use your Ice Wall ability tactically. It’s essentially a giant ice shield. Most Brigitte players will stun you, proceed to attack you and finish you off with the extension of their primary weapon. As Mei, do your best to predict these moves and remember the cooldown for each individual ability.  This will help you better understand when you can freeze Brigitte and finish her off with an icicle.

5. Justice Rains From Above


Brigitte is a melee hero so how do you avoid her? Soaring through the sky, of course. 

Pharah is (nearly) untouchable when it comes to Brigitte, assuming you know how to stay in the air without wasting too much fuel.  Remember though, Brigitte’s Whip Shot has a range of 20 metres, so try to avoid hitting ground level. As you’re falling through the air, aim to touch down on top of anything – buildings, rooftops, cars, etc. – to keep you as far away as possible. Then, when possible pop your barrage all over high priority targets. Many Pharah players are too reluctant to trigger their ultimate ability, if they know it won’t achieve a penta-kill. However, consider taking out priority targets that will allow your team to capture an objective – such as Brigitte.

That concludes all of my tips! What are your thoughts, and do you have any suggestions that I didn’t mention? Let me know below!

Find me on Twitter @charlteon for what you’d like to see next!


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